About Us


As the story goes, a group of thirteen amateur radio operators from across the United States lead by Roy "Pinky" Pinkham, W6BPT, of Santa Clara, CA, started the “Early Bird Transcontinental Net” on December 5th, 1949.  This group of "hams" were dedicated to relaying non-military related personal message handling from coast to coast.

With the decline of message handling, in 1975, the "Birds" reclassified their group and turned the once "message handling net" into a "nation-wide social net".  Today, the net still meets each morning, providing "hams" with the ability to communicate nation-wide with their social comments.  They check in from Maine to Florida, Maryland to California, and all points in between.

Additionally, many of our "birds" gather throughout the year at various organized hamfests to put an eyeball on each other and spend a little quality time "rag chewing" in person.  You can usually find the Early Bird Banner flying at Dayton, Orlando, Shelby, and many other regional hamfests throughout the year.  Look for us!

As a new "ham" to our net, we welcome you to the net and invite you to join us for a bit of congeniality and social comment.  Be sure to check in and introduce yourself!

Also EBTN Mugs can be purchased at The Sign Man for $15.00 ea. When ordering be sure to request  
"The Early Bird Net" Mug.  Give them your call sign and name you want on the mug.

73, The "Early Birds"