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I have all galleries completed, (I think).  If you have photos to add please send to me.  IF YOUR SENDING PHOTOS PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE/WHAT THESE PHOTOS ARE SO I CAN GET THEM IN THE CORRECT FOLDERS OR CREATE A NEW FOLDER. If you have photos for the gallery please use QRZ to get my e mail (ND7J). Contact me and I will make arrangements to get the photos from you and add to a current gallery or create a new gallery.

2016 Orlando Ham Fest

Stone Mountain Hamfest - 2015

Orlando Hamfest 2015

Member Photos From 2008 -2014

Orlando Hamfest 2004-2014

Bangor Hamfest 2010 & 2012

Some EBTN Various Photos

Shelby Hamfest 2009 / 2010