Net Preamble


********  CQ CQ CQ. This is the Early Bird Transcontinental Net.  ********
Started on 5 December 1949, the Early Bird Transcontinental Net (EBTN) was specifically created with the purpose of relaying non-Military related traffic, as received by the Amateur Radio operators in the continental United States. On or about 1975, the original purpose of the EBTN was changed to a social net to "Start each day with a bit of congeniality and social comment."
The EBTN operates on a frequency of 3940 KHz, and the Net meets from 04:45 to 06:00 Eastern time each day of the year.  All Amateur Radio operators possessing a General Class or higher license are encouraged to join us.
New members participating in the formal portion of the Net for 10 days, in any given 30 day period of time, qualify for a beautiful 8½ by 11 inch EBTN Certificate of Membership that is quite suitable for framing and proudly displaying on your hamshack wall.